Membership & Endorsement



The membership of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group® is primarily comprised of chief judges and senior chief class judges who have experience judging for originality and authenticity.  Such judging helps promote proper preservation and correct restoration for the benefit of future generations.  Other members may be selected for their technological expertise or special administrative skills. 
Any judge who supports serious class judging for originality and authenticity can be a candidate for membership.  However, major consideration is given to those who have demonstrated judging and leadership skills as a chief judge or senior chief class judge.  Field manner and the respect of others is of equal importance.  Marque club accreditation can be helpful, but is not required.       
All ICJAG® positions are voluntary and all candidates will be treated in a fair and consistent manner.  Selection for membership is based on applicable judging experience, observed judging and leadership skills, ability to effectively communicate with others, and willingness to travel and assist other shows.  Integrity and the respect of others is paramount.  Experience with subjective class judging, often called french judging, is not a consideration.
Present ICJAG® membership is limited to thirty members pending completion of the organizational structure which includes establishment as a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity.  There are presently twenty-nine members.  Over fifty additional experienced chief judges and chief class judges have expressed interest in being a member of ICJAG®.  Once initial organization needs are satisfied, additional members with be considered.  


ICJAG® is involved with a large number of shows across several countries.  These concours events are either already using the ICJAG® standard judging forms and judging guidelines or they are in the process of implementing them.  Various ICJAG® members are serving these shows as either chief judge or senior chief class judge.  In many cases, they also serve as an advisor to the show. 
It takes more than use of the ICJAG® standard judging forms and judging guidelines for a concours to be endorsed by ICJAG®.  In addition to the forms, guidelines, and policy statements such as conflict of interest, endorsement requires a well qualified chief judge and several experienced chief class judges to support and lead the effort.  
It is also important to have a well organized vehicle selection process and fair and consistent treatment of both entrants and judges.  The purpose of the ICJAG® brand is to identify shows that are making a positive contribution to automotive history through good judging based on originality and authenticity.  
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